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Leonhard Pfeifer answers a few questions for the CB2 designers and artists blog.

“I’m enjoying living in a truly global city where world class museums and galleries are on my London door step.”
— http://www.cb2.com/blog/leonhard-pfeifer/

Where was your favourite place to live?
I’ve been really fortunate to live in some amazing cities in different parts of the world but it’s hard to beat London for its energy and cultural institutions. I am grateful to have grown up surrounded by the natural world of New Zealand, but currently I’m enjoying living in a truly global city, where world class museums and galleries are on my door step.

Although… in the depths of winter we do fantasise of moving somewhere sunny and warm and haven’t ruled out a shift to Barcelona sometime in the future.

You can read the whole interview on the CB2 blog.

CB2 Elixir Mini Bar on the blogs

Always happy to see when one of our pieces is a blog favourite. Thanks to everyone who posted an article.

Elixir Mini Bar Fits Anywhere

By Ben Dahl

Most of us don’t just openly display all our liquor on shelves within arm’s reach because sometimes it isn’t classy, we’re not in college and it gives us all a reason to buy a liquor cabinet. But if you want access to the good stuff without actually getting off the couch, you’re going to want to check out the Elixir Mini Bar from CB2.


Written by Katie on November 3, 2014.

What’s better than having libations in the house during the holidays? Having it within arm’s reach, if at all possible. This Elixir Mini Bar will fit in next to the sofa just fine thanks to its small, compact footprint. Two sides fold down to open up a self-serve bar, ready for your wizardry in mixing up drinks for you and your guests.

Corral home bar trappings in this acacia-wood cabinet. The sides fold down to offer a ledge for glassware. When closed, it discreetly hides its contents—a boon for keeping bottles dust-free.

If you just can’t seem to find the right spot to store your precious liquor without risking to make a way too pretentious first impression on your house guests or co-workers but still can’t afford a full-scale wine cellar just now, we may have just the right thing for you: with CB2 Elixir Mini Bar, your favorite drinks will stay safe, concealed and yet close at hand for those precious moments when all you need is a glass of fine spirits to brighten up your evening after a hard day’s work.

Another brilliant piece of furniture designed by Leonhard Pfeifer in collaboration with Crate & Barrel, Elixir Mini Bar offers a sophisticated liquor storage solution that will impeccably blend in any interior décor of your home or office.

Elixir Mini Bar
Every man needs a solid liquor cabinet. Something that says, “I’m not in college anymore, but I still life fast and drink whiskey.” This isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re like me and live in a small city apartment, you’re conscious of how to maximize each square foot. Enter CB2’s Elixir Mini Bar.


Elixir Mini Bar: Alcohol At Arm’s Reach
by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The average liquor cabinet is kept a tasteful distance from the couch and guests. But tradition is often a pair of handcuffs, and there’s a good way to break free of this particular tradition: Buying an Elixir Mini Bar from CB2 for your house or apartment.


The Elixir Mini Bar
By Jesse James on 6 November, 2014

Here at stupidDOPE we are always looking for a good excuse to have a great drink, and today we’ve found something that surely makes any excuse a great one! Today we get a look at the Elixir Mini Bar, which is something quite brilliant and quite beautiful, that not only adds a nice Mini Bar to your home or office, but a stunning piece of décor as well.


CB2's Elixir Mini Bar Stores One's Cocktail Collection in Style
Published: Sep 4, 2014

The Elixir mini bar commode from CB2 features a streamlined and compact design. The modern furniture piece offers a perfect place to store one's cocktail collection and features a space-saving concept.

A Designer You Can Live With

Leonhard Pfeifer makes popular furniture that is space-conscious and multifunctional

Thanks to Ruth Bloomfield, Vanessa Berberian and the Wall Street Journal team for our recent article in the printed Wall Street Journal October 3, 2014.

From the newspaper:
You may not know the name Leonhard Pfeifer but it is likely that you—or someone close to you—owns a piece of furniture he created.

Mr. Pfeifer is an industrial designer, one of the unsung artists who provide stores and manufacturers with the blueprints for the stock they supply. His pared down, space-conscious and multifunctional designs have been produced and carried by brands such Crate & Barrel's CB2 and the British department store John Lewis.

Mr. Pfeifer's most popular designs include a compact laptop desk made of oak covered in white painted panels with a pull-out section. Another is a large, hinged wooden bookcase that can be set up to conform to the available space: opened out and set against a wall, used as a room divider, folded in half to give a smaller set of deeper shelves, or placed at right angles in a corner.

You can read the whole article online here.